Making a Rolling Pin  David Weissman

My son asked me to make a rolling pin.  I had made a rolling pin last year based on this You Tube video, so I decided to make another this time using different woods. I used maple, walnut and sapele.

The process starts with selecting five boards, 2 1/2 inches wide  by 20 inches long then gluing them together as if making a sandwich.  Once glued up, the wood block is trimmed to 2 1/4 inch square on the table saw for mounting on the lathe.

The square block is turned on the lathe into a round cylinder using a roughing gouge and then marks are placed to layout the handles.

Now the handles are shaped using and round Easy Tool.

The final step is to sand the rolling pin to 400 grit while still on the lathe, then cut off from the lathe and finish sand the ends.  A coat of mineral oil is all that's needed for finishing and voila!.