Not Too Early To Start Pickling!


Cucumbers are plentiful, more than most can eat.  Instead of passing all your cakes out, try pickling - the easy way.  The Masontops Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit contains a simple method for making pickles.  The whole process takes 30 minutes, then wait a few weeks - and Voila - pickles.  You can also use this method with carrots, beans and other veggies.  Enjoy!

Mid-Summer Vegetable Garden Activities

Try Growing Lettuce Throughout Summer


Lettuce typically likes cool weather.  However, there are ways to enjoy lettuce throughout the Summer.  Lettuce will germinate when soil is about 68 degrees, probably cooler than summer soil temperature (I just measured temperature in my Shorewood garden, July 26th - 78 degrees).  That’s still below the 85 degree level that causes lettuce seeds to go dormant.  Here are some tips for getting lettuce started and harvesting before the plants bolt.


  • Cool soil with cold water.  This can drop temperature several degrees.  Plant the seeds in the cooler soil, cover with some burlap which keeps it cool (some even lay down some ice)

  • If you have some shade, that is a great place to plant seeds (near tomatoes and cucumbers)

  • Cover, if you have it, with shade cloth

  • Water every day, especially when hot

  • Harvest before it bolts - typically when plants are young

  • Sow seeds every 7-10 days to ensure an ongoing supply


Johnnyseeds (link is in web-site) offers some bolt resistant Romain Lettuce Seeds.  See below: