Getting Started

Listed below are things we can do to help you get started.  Once you are ready to move send an email with your contact info to:

  • Use your photos as the basis for setting photographic goals

  • Spend time photographing to address technical and aesthetic goals

  • Offer advice about camera purchases

  • Demonstrate camera techniques, editing options and printing

  • Share ideas about sequencing and presentation

  • Visit a photo studio

  • Facilitate group discussions about our photographs

  • Visit our home-based shops

  • Visit your space to help you plan how to set-up your home shop

  • Offer advice on tool selection: what to buy, where to buy: hand or power tools

  • Offer advice on common home furniture repairs

  • Locate community resources for classes/tools

  • Demonstrate project design tips

  • Provide skill building workshops—we can help teach you basics to get started

  • Interface with a community of beginners

Veggie Gardening
  • Visit existing gardens to see how others do it

  • Visit your yard and help plan a space

  • Help you design a layout that makes sense

  • Offer guidance on building a box and blending soil

  • Provide advice on picking plants that work for your space

  • Help you start a mushroom garden

  • Show you where to shop for plants or show you how to start from seeds

  • Outlining how to create your own fertilizer