What have our mentees been doing?  Check out their progress and activities below.

Our first cohort of mentees have been busy learning basics of veggie gardening, mushroom growing and woodworking.  

Gardening classes were held on starting starting vegetable seeds and another on mushroom growing by inoculating mushroom spores into logs.

Woodworking classes were held to orient new woodworkers to shop safety, measuring/marking and using the table saw, router, drill press and bandsaw--all in development of personally designed cutting boards.

Summer 2017

Mentees make a Little Library with a Green Roof (see below for final product)

Mentee makes a rocking horse for his grandson

Mentee purchases used Craftsman table saw--first major tool for his shop.

Woodshop Set-Up--MCG mentors help woodworker plan shop space with new lights and power tool selection.

Blanket Chest ReHab Project

Two woodworking mentees helped D Weissman to rehab an old blanket chest.  Many glue joints had failed and two pieces needed replacement due to warping.  The chest was taken apart, new parts fashioned, re-glued, sanded and a new finish added.  The chest was donated to the Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

New Milwaukee homeowner gets help from MCG perennial garden mentor with garden planning and planting.  Even a two year old can help when it comes to planting ground cover!

Gorgeous moongate backyard project completed by MCG mentee with help from mentors.

Shorewood Library needed a play-space built for their children's area--an "indoor backyard".  MCG woodworkers Janet Slater, Robert Smith, David Cobb and David Weissman took up the challenge and constructed a solid 6x4 foot play space using the library staff's design wishes.

Janet Slater and Mary Lou Lamonda completed a "Little Library" with a twist--they added a green roof on top.  The library was donated to the new garden at All Peoples Church in Milwaukee.  Go check out this work of art at 2nd and Clarke!

Six MCG woodworkers helped lead a holiday cutting board making class at Lynden Sculpture Garden in November, another class will be held in March. 

MCG mentees get instruction in joinery basics using only handtools: measuring/marking, using chisels and handsaws.

MCG mentees build a "Buddy Bench" requested by Shorewood Elementary School.  Art teachers decorated-the bench was placed in the playground in spring 2019

BB 1.jpg

MCG hosts a 3 hour workshop at Lynden Sculpture Garden to make cutting boards.  Each participant leaves with their very own custom cutting board.

Shorewood started the first "Boomerang Bag" program in Wisconsin--returnable cloth bags.  The Shorewood library asked MCG to make a stand to hold bags next to the checkout counter.

Susan Gartell had an old window and she wanted to make a rustic living room table with the window as the table top.  This was a great 3 hour project where D Weissman helped her design and construct a simple table using recycled wood pieces from other projects.

Summer 2018

David Cobb helps this mentee make a birdhouse.

Fall 2018/Winter 2019

Mentees asked us to start classes around specific building projects.  Our first class was table building.  The design is a simple cherry side table--four legs, taper optional, four stretchers joined to legs with mortise and tenon joints, and a solid top.   Learning tasks included measuring/marking mortise/tenon joints for hand cut or router cutting; making table-saw tenons, jointing boards with biscuit joints for the top and finishing with an oil stain.  Joe and Bob did terrific work!

Table 1.JPG
Dancers 2018.JPG

Anya and Rachel are new Guild participants--make their first project, a cutting board of walnut, cherry, maple and oak

Nic attended several Guild classes then built a workbench in his basement.  Next project is a small table.

workbench nic.jpg

Taking cutting board build to the next level, Nic makes a board with a curved insert.

Nick Board.jpg

Janet makes a coffee table from two slabs of spalted elm.

Janet Slab.jpg
Summer/Fall 2019
Mary A.JPG

Mary makes her first wooden box form maple, walnut and purple heart.

Mary Box.jpg

Mary makes a box using a design from the "Box Book" of Doug Stowe.

Jackie and David make a cabinet for the Shorewood Library to display butterfly habitats.

Library 2019 1.JPG

Jackie uses some re-cycled floorig to make a stunning cutting board.

David makes his first decorative box!

cross 19.jpg
cross 192.jpg
Jackie Cutting Board.jpg

David C helps a new mentee make a large cutting board ready for Thanksgiving turkey. 

cutt bd cobb 19.jpg

Mary learned to use a lathe and made these ornaments as gifts.

A very successful cutting board class at Lynden Sculpture Garden- Led by three wonderful Guild mentees and the two Davids.

Lynden 1.JPG
Lynden 2.JPG