Building a Blanket Chest   David Weissman

25 years ago I made this blanket chest from The New Yankee Workshop from clear pine, but it's seen heavy use and I decided to make it again but using cherry to match the rest of our bedroom furniture. Here are photos from the book.

Day 1  Get Lumber and Cut to Size  March 30, 2017

I went to Kettle Moraine Hardwood and selected 8 cherry boards, each 4-6 inches wide and 6-8 feet long; had the mill plane each board flat with one straight edge.

Next step was to do a rough cut of all the needed pieces after selecting which boards looked best for different parts of the chest.

Here I am cross cutting on a the table saw to final length using a stop block to ensure that similar pieces are all the exact same length.

The last step is a rip cut on the table saw to the final width.  There are only three widths used in this chest, so I can group similar widths for cutting without having to change the rip fence.

Here are all the final cut pieces grouped by similar size.

Last thing today was to decide where I wanted each piece; I label the wood using sticky tape and marker indicating inside/outside, top/bottom and front/back orientation for each piece.

Stop Block

Before I go to the mill, I make a cut list from the project plans-many plans come with a cut list already made. Confused about how to buy lumber?  Read this guide.

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