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The purpose of the Milwaukee Craft Guild is to:

  • Offer adults the ability to find a vehicle that helps them be inspired

  • Create a forum for adults to come together and learn from one another

  • Develop a safe learning environment for adults to explore

  • Help adults build skills they can share with family and friends

We believe you:

  • Learn through fun

  • Know best how to learn

  • Get excited about working with others 

  • Will experience pride through accomplishment

  • Learn best through curiosity and experimentation

  • Find satisfaction about making things that benefit the larger community


I spent years admiring home vegetable gardens.  Seeing how seeds become plants was magical.  And it seemed beyond my ability to replicate what I observed.  But I was determined to try.  I began to learn about gardening, though my initial efforts resulted in few vegetables.  Sometimes the plants looked good, but the yield was hardly worth the effort.  Over the years I talked with friends, organic gardeners, read articles and experimented.  Slowly, my garden improved, production increased and my family had the pleasure of eating healthy, really organic, home grown vegetables.


Woodworking was another matter.  That was a complete mystery.  I was astonished when a friend showed me a particularly beautiful piece of furniture or even a nicely designed box made in his shop.  How do people take a rough piece of wood and create beauty?  Was it possible for an average person to make something at least similar to that?  Where do you even start?  Having guidance was key to learning.  And I was very lucky to have an incredibly talented woodworker and teacher (my partner in this program – David Weissman).  My first feeling of magic was taking a rough piece of oak, cutting and planning, then seeing a beautiful piece of wood, ready for a project.   These skills changed my life.  I have more confidence with household projects and my family and I receive pleasure from walking through the garden and picking food for dinner.   I love to share what I learn and see joy of others learning as well.  My hope is that we can learn from one another.

David Cobb
Robert Smith

After many years as a professional photographer and professor of photography, I was curious about creating things in three dimensions. Woodworking seemed like a perfect way to get my hands around the three dimensional world. After a number of basic projects, it was apparent that to really learn woodworking, I’d need a mentor…or two. Fortunately, David Weissman and

David Cobb were very generous with their time. They’ve taught me far more than skill. Their

enthusiastic mentoring kindled my passionate about working with wood. It was such a terrific

experience that I want to give back to the Guild. That’s why I’m inspired to share my love of

photography with you.

I started making photos as a 6 year old. Not knowing what I was doing, I mistakenly double

exposed a number of frames (these were the days of film). I still remember being fascinated by my accidental images. Little did I know that photography’s allure would still be strong these

many years later. Nor did I know that I would come to regard “mistakes” as an essential

vehicle for discovery. I’m interested in working with anyone who wants to explore photography. Having started in the days of film and having embraced all of the advances

since, my background is wide. I’m interested in all aspects of photography from antique forms

like Cyanotype and VanDyke to high end digital cameras and cell phone photography. Whether

you want to learn 19th century processes or how make digital prints or how to make better

photos with your cell phone, I’d welcome the chance to learn with you.


Mentoring, to me, means helping you achieve your photographic goals. Much of your learning

will be individual, but small group discussions about our photos, can be very helpful. So I

envision a mix of individualized learning and group discussions.

David Weissman

I started building a wood-shop in the basement of my first house in a 6 x 4 ft space shared with the furnace.   In the early days all I could afford were hand tools and knotty pine but over 25 years and some creative wall moving in the basement, my shop now has a full suite of power and hand tools and I've expanded my wood choices favoring cherry, maple and walnut along with more exotic woods for accents.

I'm not very good at design, so most of my work is based on plans from the internet, modified to suit my needs.  My purchase of tools has been largely dictated by the current project needs,  Much of our home furniture has been made in my shop and now I'm enjoying building toys for my grandson.  I am not a master woodworker, but I've slowly learned enough through my mistakes, hands-on classes, and many You Tube instructional videos, to make furniture and toys that my family loves and gives me great satisfaction.

Lastly, I love to teach and mentor others--it's what I've done my entire career,   I look forward to working with you,